KIFATO was first founded back in the end of 1990-s. Today Kifato plant is one of the largest manufacturers in both Russia and Eastern Europe, for production of commercial refrigerating and display systems.

The plant comprises of over 120 thousand square meters. Direct manufacturing personnel counts to over 600 skilled and trained workers and engineers. KIFATO plant that produces the commercial refrigerating equipment is one of the acclaimed leaders in the field, and offers the widest range of quality products:

  • Equipment for stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets
  • Equipment for bazaars
  • Equipment for storage facilities


Our priority is to satisfy the requirements of the client, so we watchfully observe all process standards and try to keep up the decent pricing for our goods, making sure they are of high qiality and remain affordable.

Today, KIFATO factory manufactures over 300 items in the range of commercial refrigeration equipment, including refrigerating cabinets and display cases, freezer chests and display cases, counters and cash desks, all-in-one cases, cooling glass chests and many other items.
Aside of production division, our design bureau actively researches and engineers the new models of equipment and improves the existing models in the range.

We build our company on the three main principles:


These principles allowed our company to take the lead in the market in a relatively short period of time. We are proud to state that our products are more than capable of competing the best machinery manufactured in the Western world.

We take extreme care with sourcing of our staff, making sure that our personnel is always on top of qualification and capable of handling the most complex tasks using the most modern equipment. Besides, in our production process we use the tested and tried materials from both Russian and Western vendors, which guarantees that our final products meet most stringent international requirements. All this, in a set, allows to reduce the time spent for manufacturing without compromising the quality - and these achievements are not left unnoticed by our clients, who grow in numbers.


Choosing our products you choose:

  • Excellent design in any category
  • Quality control and assurance (all products are certified)
  • Reliability of equipment manufactured by our company
  • Acceptable prices and flexible discounts
  • Professional consulting from specialized engineers
  • Shortest lead times compared with other manufacturers (products available at warehouse)
  • We propose the solution for your business!


Aside of production division, KIFATO design bureau actively researches and engineers the new models of equipment and improves the existing models in the range.

We are ready to provide the designer and project manager for development of your technical assignment to quickly prepare the solution that fits you.

Design studio that develops the outlook of our equipment

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