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Top front.

Top lighting is moved all the way forward to provide for best illumination of the shelves.
Positioning of night curtains makes them easy to handle or to change without additional efforts.
Top lining inclined inwards provides better view for controller and protects the controller from damage during transportation and operation.
Lower corner of top lining prevents the light from wall lamps from blinding the buyers.
In most stores, upper parts of wall displays are covered with POS materials which are easier to fix on the right angles, than on the radial angles.
Other manufacturers install night blinds in front of the lighting fixtures, so the lining of the wall display follows the configuration of night blind, this leads to the limited lighting of the shelves.

Bottom front.

Bottom sandwich panel is moulded and it is used to attach the impact bumper.
Other manufacturers produce their displays with plastic bumper instead of sandwich panel, which leads to significant loss of cold inside the display.
Ventilator panel should be installed as close as possible to the air intake grating.
Bottom section of the wall display should provide for maximum space for rigging of the piping.
When the bottom part is oblique, like other companies make them, it obstructs the way for maintenance under the cabinet, and ventilator panel has to be moved aside, which also leads to loss of temperature.